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Linville Gorge

Bike Trails

Enjoy our bike trails. Catawba Falls Campground is a great home base.

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Linville Gorge, North Carolina's Grand Canyon

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"Grand Canyon of the East." Steep walls of Gorge, as high as 3400 feet, enclose Linville River for 12 miles. Primitive recreation includes strenuous hiking, back packing, rock climbing, and fishing for native trout. Due to wild and isolated topography, Gorge shelters stretches of virgin forest, rare and endangered plant species, and an assortment of wild game and non-game species. Located in Pisgah National Forest, alongside Kistler Memorial Highway (NC 1238), near Linville Falls. 828-652-2144

The information cabin is located at the north end of the Gorge ¼ mile from Hwy 183. It is a popular site for information about the Linville Gorge, the Linville Falls and Wiseman’s View Overlook. The cabin will be closing for the season October 31, 2002.

Permits are required for camping only, May 1- October 31 on weekends and holidays, for the Linville Gorge Wilderness.  The group size can be no more than 10 people, and are allowed 2 nights and 3 days stay.  It is by reservation on a first come, first serve basis.  You can make reservations by calling the District office at 828-652-2144.

Brown Mountain Lights. The appearance of lights of an unknown origin was first documented in the early 1900's, but old-timers say they were seen long before then. Extensive research has failed to fully explain the phenomenon of the Brown Mountain Lights, visible on clear nights from vantage points from Wiseman's View in the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area. Call 828-433-6793.

Photo Credit: North Carolina Outdoors



Campgrounds or Cabins within 50 miles

Cottages within the area.



Catawba Falls Campground Old Fort, 828-668-4831 Wi-Fi available




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