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Big Cities

Big cities with plenty of action and things to do.

Outdoor Adventure

Bike riding trails, horse trails, ATV trails we have it all

Our Heritage

Visit our heritage sites, there is always something going on.

Natural Wonders

From the sea to the mountains, our natural wonders abound.

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Rutherford County


Bike Trails

Enjoy our bike trails. Catawba Falls Campground is a great home base.

Special Events

3.2% of visitors came for Special events and festivals

Visit NC

Visiting relatives and Family Reunion accounted for 25.5% of visitors.


Rutherford County

Welcome to Rutherford County and the quiet pace of a small town community, where the first one dollar gold coin was minted in the United States by Christopher Bechtler in 1831.  This website has been designed with our residents, visitors, and businesses in mind, to provide online information that is easy to find and simple to use.  Our moderate climate makes any season pleasurable.  We're Small-Town Friendly where all can enjoy the luxury of being "close to the action, but far from the crowd."

As a front porch, with destinations that is just as inviting. Lake Lure and the Blue Ridge Foothills greet you with classic Southern Hospitality. You'll enjoy great food, shopping and recreational opportunities.

AREA: County, 563 sq. miles; Rutherfordton, 2.6 sq. miles; Spindale, 4.62 sq. miles; Forest City, 10.6 sq. miles. The county is composed of eight municipalities: Bostic, Chimney Rock, Ellenboro, Forest City, Rutherfordton, Ruth, Spindale and Lake Lure. Connected by US Hwy 74-Business, Rutherfordton, Spindale, and Forest City form the Tri- City area. The towns of Lake Lure and Chimney Rock are located approximately 20 miles west of Rutherfordton. Lake Lure is a private lake with public access.

ELEVATION: Rutherfordton, 1075 ft.; Spindale, 960 ft.; Forest City, 860 ft. County’s lowest elevation - Caroleen, 806. County’s highest elevation - Sugar Loaf, 3,967 ft.

CLIMATE: Average annual temperature, 59.9 F; average rainfall, 49.91 inches. Rainfall is concentrated in Spring and Fall. Average humidity, approximately 65%. Located in the Isothermal Belt, there are 200 frost-free days in the growing season. Average snowfall, 2.74 inches.

Bennett Classics Auto Museum
241 Vance Street, Forest City, NC | Phone: 828-247-1767
Bennett Classics Auto Museum is a fun trip down memory lane, featuring everything from Model T’s to Mack trucks, and from a Shelby Mustang to a 1963 Ford Mayberry sheriffs car signed by actor Don Knots (Barney Fife in the Andy Griffith Show).

The Lake Lure Beach
Open, weather permitting, 7 days a week, 10 am to 6 pm, Memorial Day through mid-August. For admission rates, special events, and off-season hours call 828-625-0077.



Campgrounds and Cottages within 50 miles.


The Chalet Club


Catawba Falls Campground Old Fort, 828-668-4831 WiFi available
Springmaid Mountain, Spruce Pine 828-297-0725

Foothills Family Campground
Hickory Nut Falls Family Campground
Rutherford Mountain Campground
Thermal City Gold Mine & Campground


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