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Big Cities

Big cities with plenty of action and things to do.

Outdoor Adventure

Bike riding trails, horse trails, ATV trails we have it all

Our Heritage

Visit our heritage sites, there is always something going on.

Natural Wonders

From the sea to the mountains, our natural wonders abound.

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The Foothills

At Wilkes County’s outdoor parks, breathtaking scenery, wildlife and all sorts of recreational opportunities abound. In the parks, visitors can swim, boat, water ski and fish- for bass, trout and several other species of fish. Many parks offer camping, barbecues, backpacking, biking and nature trails that lead to overlooks and scenic mountain vistas.


Bike Trails

Enjoy our bike trails. Catawba Falls Campground is a great home base.

Special Events

3.2% of visitors came for Special events and festivals

Visit NC

Visiting relatives and Family Reunion accounted for 25.5% of visitors.


Wilkes County

Foothills of North Carolina

Discover the beauty of the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ride the Moonshine trails that inspired the invention of Nascar. Enjoy the fun-filled festivals. Catch a glimpse of the local vineyards’ grapevines blooming. Hike and bike the historic pathways and listen to the stories of discovery. Exhale…experience the outdoors in Wilkes

Having been established in March of 1778, Wilkes County has grown into a community that boasts a rich heritage, heartfelt traditions, and a sound historical base within the State of North Carolina. Privileged to be the location of countless historical homes, historical trails, street festivals, arts and craft festivals, and many other yearly traditions, Wilkes County has formed an extraordinary balance between life outdoors, happiness in music, the pursuit of popular interests such as crafting, shopping, fine dining, and art, and the overall thrill of living in an ideal hometown atmosphere.

For those who love the outdoors, Wilkes County is truly the place to be. Being able to choose from a long list of possible adventures in outdoor fun, there is definitely something for everyone. Hikers, bikers, boaters, hunters, and fishermen, have the opportunity to enjoy their passions, at the beautiful surroundings of W Kerr Scott Dam and Reservoir. Having received the Natural Resource Management award in 2007, W Kerr Scott, provides a one of a kind, alluring atmosphere, with all of the amenities that an outdoors man could ever dream of experiencing. Areas on the lake provide attractive settings for camping, family picnics, recreational swimming, and casual strolls in the woods. W Kerr Scott is also home to an outdoor amphitheater, which opens each year to provide entertainment and insight to our county’s rich history. Through well directed and choreographed plays such as the historical tale of Tom Dooley, young and old can experience the best in outdoor entertainment, while gaining knowledge of the history that made Wilkes County what it is today. 

Stone Mountain is a NC State Park located in both Alleghany and Wilkes counties. Enjoy 14,000 acres of land graced by a 600 foot granite dome, mountain views, water falls, camping, rock climbing.




Campgrounds and Cottages within 50 miles.




 Stoney Fork Campground and B&B, located in Ferguson, (336) 973-5299

Moravian Falls Family Campground



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